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Axolotls need to get to you quickly to ensure their health. We ship our axolotls on Mondays and Tuesdays and we also provide curbside pick-up for thos in the Reno/Sparks area. Unfortunately, axolotls are not legal in California, New Jersey, and Maine are a challenge to get to Hawaii, so we cannot accommodate orders to these states. Juveniles are 2-5 inches, Sub Adults 5-7.


Premium Axolotls

Our Premium Axies are those in our collection that we are most excited about. These axies are rare individuals that merit special attention and are more than ready for new homes! Should you order one of these little guys, you will get the named axie pictured! 


Juvenile Axies

Our Juvenile axies were mostly born this year and vary in size from 2-5 inches. These axies are spunky, are eating a mix of blood worms and pellets, and are too young to tell the gender yet.



Our Sub-Adult Axies are the teenagers of the axolotl world! They range from 5-7 inches in length and were mostly born last year. In most cases, they are big enough that you can specify the gender you prefer!



Our Adult Axies are the fully-grown and sexualy mature! They are 7+ inches in length and were mostly born two years ago or more. Many of these axies are the parents of our juveniles and sub adults! Our adults are sold as individuals-- so you will buy specific axies, not just a morph. 

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